Vegan Pozole (Hominy Stew)



Serves 4-6

  • 8 C. Low sodium vegetable broth

  • 2 - 25 Oz Cans of hominy, drained

  • 16 Oz. Crimini Mushrooms, sliced

  • 1/2 Tsp. Ground cumin

  • 1 Dry bay leaf

  • 6 Guajillo chili  peppers, stems and seeds removed

  • 2 Chile de Arbol, remove stem

  • 4 Garlic cloves, peeled and smashed

  • 1 Tbsp. Dried oregano

  • 2 Tbsp. Avocado Oil

  • 1 1/2 Tsp. Salt, plus more to taste

  • 1/4 C. Water

    Spicy Sauce (Optional)

  • 1 Tsp. Avocado Oil 

  • 2 Tbsp. Hominy

  • 5 Chile de Arbol

  • 1/3 C. Pozole broth

  • Salt to taste


  •  2 Limes, cut in wedges

  • 1 Small Cabbage head, cut into thin strips (I prefer iceberg lettuce, use your favorite)

  • 1/2 White Onion, chopped finely

  • 6-8 Radishes, thinly sliced

  • Tostadas


Spicy Sauce (Optional, this is only for lovers of extra spicy food)

  1. Heat a pan until hot add the avocado oil and toss the Chile de árbols in the hot pan until aromatic making sure not to burn chilies, about 2 minutes, remove stems.

  2. In your blender add the chile de árbol with the 2 tablespoons of the cooked hominy and 1/2 cup of pozole brought until smooth scrapping sides of the bowl as necessary. Add salt to taste and set aside.


  1. In a medium bowl soak guajillo and chile de árbols in boiling water, cover and let sit for 15 minutes.

  2. Remove chilis from water and blend in your blender with garlics, cumin, oregano, salt and 1/4 cup of water until it is smooth.

  3. In a large stock pot, over low-medium heat, add avocado oil and the chilis mixture cook stirring constantly for 10 minutes, add vegetable broth and bay leaf. Stir and bring to a boil, add hominy and cover, simmer over low heat for 30 minutes. Add mushrooms and continue to cook for 15 minutes, remove bay leaf.

  4. To serve the stew top with all the garnishes, with a squeeze of fresh lime and a side of tostadas, enjoy!